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Commercial Diving

CROSS MARINE PROJECTS provides a full range of underwater inspection, installation, recovery and repair services. We are regularly depended upon by federal agencies, scientific research organizations and other Utah commercial diving companies for research data pertaining to waterways in Utah and other inland states.

Cross Marine Projects' founder, Jim Cross, is a commercial diving pioneer in high altitude marine environments and regularly develops innovative underwater recovery techniques and technologies. We pride ourselves in our rich commercial diving heritage and deep understanding of marine environments.

Using the latest marine equipment and in-house technology, we can handle the most demanding commercial diving projects. Our highly trained staff and commercial divers can help you in both the pre-project planning and construction phases of your underwater project. We provide both commercial diving and marine consultation services.
commercial diver
underwater dam inspection
Our specially trained commercial divers perform a variety of diving tasks such as physical underwater dam inspections, photographic dam inspections, component replacements and repairs.
Our cold water commercial diving equipment allows our divers to perform deep water diving projects such as intake structure repairs safely. As a result, our team can dive in extreme water conditions far too dangerous for traditional scuba divers.
underwater intake structure repair
deepwater commercial diving
Deep water diving requires specialty equipment such as this yellow double lock recompression chamber that was used during a thermal mixing panel installation on one of California's dams. Recompression chambers allow our dive teams to work for longer periods of time underwater. This saves your company thousands of dollars by reducing the number of project days.
Many commercial diving locations provide limited access. Our custom pneumatic dive support barges enable us to inspect and repair floating drum gates, transport heavy equipment and stage diving operations in most waterways.
commercial diving vessel
commercial diving safety
Our commercial divers are licensed and trained to meet all State, Federal, and commercial diving industry safety standards. As a result, we have been able to maintain an excellent safety record for the last 30 years.
In addition to standard safety compliance, our teams follow additional in-house safety guidelines, operate improved on-site technologies and utilize additional safety support systems to ensure incident free commercial diving projects.
commercial diving recompression chamber
commercial diving

Need a licensed commercial diving team to perform an underwater inspection or repair?

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