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Commercial Dredging & Dragline Operations

CROSS MARINE PROJECTS provides a wide range of mechanical and hydraulic dredging, dragline, jetting and trenching services in some of the most difficult and ecologically sensitive marine environments.

With years of dredging experience, Cross Marine will save your project thousands of dollars by matching the right dredging equipment to your geological conditions. We are a recognized source for information on marine sediment composition and topography.

Our self-propelled dragline barges offer breakwater repair and excavation solutions not possible from conventional shoreline based operations.
dredge barge
dragline barge

Lake bottom bearing failures can lead to extensive bridge, railroad, and causeway damage. Cross Marine Projects provides solutions to stabilize failures, relocate sediment, position rip rap revetments, fortify causeways as well as provide preventative maintenance.

Our customizable marine dredging systems offer a stable work environment. Our dredge barges are capable of withstanding sustained heavy seas and storm conditions.
marine dredging
dredging barge
Additionally, our dredge barges can support multiple draglines and excavators, allowing us to deepen approach channels and trenches quickly and efficiently.
Our horizontal auger dredges are perfect for dredging lined reservoirs, containment basins, settling ponds and marinas. We offer small and large hydraulic dredge options to suit your project needs.
horizontal auger dredge
Our mobile high output dredges allow us to completely remove or relocate large volumes of sediment quickly. Our fast completion times save your project time and money.
Cross Marine's self-propelled clamshell barge systems can remove and transport sediment in remote marine locations.
clamshell dragline dredging
dragline with rip rap grapple
Our barge mounted grapple draglines allow for accurate placement of rip rap armor rock along causeways, jetties, shorelines and containment walls.

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hydraulic cutter head dredge

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