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Barges & Floating Platforms

CROSS MARINE PROJECTS uses special barges and marine support vessels to perform difficult projects around the world. We not only operate these barges and vessels for our own marine projects, but can provide the same vessel design and engineering concepts to other companies.

This highly mobile self-propelled spud barge equipped with an RT crane is being used to install offshore navigational aids and instrumentation.
self propelled spud barge
sectional barge
Using specially configured sectional barges and equipment, Cross was able to install this large diameter HDPE pipe system and Decant components at a tailings reservoir in record time.
Specially constructed shallow draft workboats and high-speed transport vessels allow us to transport men and equipment to and from the job site safely and quickly. This insures on time project completion schedules at remote job site locations.
shallow draft work barge
pneumatic barges
Our custom self-propelled pneumatic barges provide a stable platform from which our crews can perform rescues and salvage operations in some of the most challenging whitewater river conditions such as this helicopter crash recovery on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.
A highly portable dive barge designed by Cross is equipped with a recompression chamber, multiple compressors and survey equipment. These barge systems can be trucked to any remote site to perform deep-water inspections and repairs.
portable barges
heavy haul barge
This self-propelled heavy haul barge and dragline system is set up to perform dike and railroad causeway repair work. Our commercial barges can withstand harsh winter conditions, gale force winds and heavy seas.
With over 30 years experience providing construction solutions to withstand the Great Salt Lake's extreme brine conditions, Jim Cross helped design and repair this lake bottom failure that occurred on the railroad causeway that crossess the Great Salt Lake.
floating work platform
floating hospital barge
A floating hospital barge designed by Cross for use on the Amazon River. Our medical help concept called "Health Care Anywhere" can provide medical care to peoples outside the reach of normal EMS services.
A self propelled riprap barge performing armor rock replacement and channel clearing work as part of a causeway rehabilitation project designed by Cross.
riprap barge
inflatable floating platform
Our specially designed J-Rig inflatable barges can operate under extreme conditions like this high altitude dive project for Obiyashi - Gumi Company of Japan.
Cross used this deepwater diving support barge to clear the blocked intakes at Fontenelle Dam in Wyoming. This emergency project was credited with saving the dam from possible failure due to unusually high water conditions in the reservoir.
commercial diving barge
marine transport vessel
marine salvage boat

Our highly customizeable and easy to transport barges and marine vessels allow us to mobilize quickly, conduct work under extremely difficult situations and complete the job on time and within budget.

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