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Marine and Harbor Construction

CROSS MARINE PROJECTS can design and build navigational aids, buoys and harbor facilities.

Jim Cross designed and constructed these buoys for the US NAVY for installation at San Nicolas Island in the Pacific Ocean.
Offshore Buoy Installation for Navy
Navigation Buoy Installation
A few of the finished Navy buoys installed at San Nicolas Island by Cross.
Cross Marine Projects can assist with large vessel transport and removal like this Ferry Boat being removed from the water and readied for transport.
Large Vessel and Ferry Transport
Cross routinely designs, constructs and renovates harbors of all sizes, shapes and configurations. Cross uses dredges, dragline barges and shore mounted long reach track hoes. Cross is shown removing silt and sediments as required.
Boat Ramp Construction Boat Launch Ramp Construction Marina Dredging  
Floating Dock System Installation
Cross Marine Projects installing floating dock system components in the Saratoga Springs Marina, Utah Lake. Cross can help design and build your harbors, mooring layouts, install docks, navigation aids, tire barriers, power systems and other marina related services.

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Installing Tire Barriers for Marina

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