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Marine Surveyors

CROSS MARINE PROJECTS handles a wide variety of underwater mapping and topographic survey projects.

Self-propelled Survey Support Barge
Self-propelled drilling support barge prepares to depart staging area to obtain core samples.
A specially designed pneumatic survey craft piloted by Jim Cross negotiates Hermit Rapids in the Grand Canyon. This project involved hydrological studies, silt deposition, river flow and velocity studies of the Colorado River.
Pneumatic Survey Craft
Colorado River Geological Survey
Jim Cross with Astronaut Bruce McCandless discussing expedition matters while collecting materials to compare with lunar specimens. Jim Cross was the guide for several NASA expeditions into remote areas of the world.
Jonathan Cross deploying a Roper Resources Side-scan Sonar Fish for lake bottom surveys.
Roper Resources Side-scan Sonar
Acoustic Lake Bottom Profiling
Survey crews examine data obtained during a side scan and acoustic profiling project. This project conducted by Jim Cross involved locating various submarine fault zones.
Cross uses vessels like this one to transport workers and equipment during surveys and marine related projects.
Underwater Survey Vessel
Underwater Seismic Survey Barge
This seismic barge equipped with six acoustic guns was used by Cross to perform a complete seismic survey of Lake Mead for Columbia University.
One of the shallow draft, high-speed marine research boats used by Marine Projects Consulting to gather data.
Shallow Draft High-speed Research Boat
Amazon Basin Hydrology Study
Jim Cross directing expeditions into the Amazon Basin to study the hydrology and characteristics of the many Amazonian tributaries.
Shallow draft inflatable performing survey for pipe corridor.
Inflatable Marine Survey Boat Scanning Pipe Corridor
Lake Bottom Core Sample Drilling Barge
Spud barge equipped with drill rig for taking core samples.
Using specially designed and adapted Side Scan Sonar and other locating and positioning electronics, Cross Marine Projects is called upon to locate and recover vessels, aircraft and vehicles of all types and sizes from water environments. This is a side scan sonar image of a vessel 220 feet underwater.
Underwater Structure Sunken Vessel Surveys
Underwater Archeology Research Vessel
The Charity Eden, a specially constructed and equipped high - speed research vessel is shown conducting an underwater archeological survey 40 miles off the shores of Cuba.
Cross Marine Projects crews and vessels were able to locate this Spanish Galleon anchor dating back to the early part of the 1600's using side scan sonar and other electronic underwater equipment.
Marine Archeological Survey
Remote Inland Lake Survey Boat

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