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Commercial Diving in Utah

CROSS MARINE PROJECTS is Utah’s premier commercial diving company!

With over 30 years commercial diving experience in Utah, our team of certified commercial divers and technicians are capable of completing challenging underwater tasks throughout the state.

Due to the higher elevation and unique environments, such as the Great Salt Lake, commercial diving in Utah requires specialized equipment and advanced commercial diving procedures.

Through years of underwater surveys and research, we have gained a superior understanding of the geological and topographical characteristics of Utah’s many natural and man-made bodies of water. As a result, our pre-project planners can help you match the most cost-effective solution to your underwater needs.

Our main commercial diving facility is located in Utah, allowing us to quickly mobilize for underwater inspections and projects around the state.

Commercial Diving Services Offered in Utah:

  • Underwater Inspection Services: Dams, Harbors, Pump Stations, Treatment Plants, Potable Water Tanks, Holding Tanks, Settling Ponds, Boat Hulls, Marine Surveys, Bridge Inspections,  and more…
  • Underwater Installations: HDPE Pipelines, Pump Stations, Transfer Systems, Fuel Lines, Floating Docks, Mooring Systems, Seismic Survey Transmitters, Control Gates, Dam Lock Gates, Dam Valves and more…
  • Underwater Salvage: Sunken Boat Recoveries, Airplane Wreckage Removal, Hazardous Materials Cleanup and Removal, Construction Site Cleanups, Underwater Structure Removal, Piling Removals, Search and Rescue Operations, Drowning Victim Recovery and more…
  • Potable Water Tank Services: Inspections, Sediment Removal and Repairs.
  • Underwater Surveys: Pre-project Surveys, Lake Bottom Profiles, Environmental Impact Surveys, Marine Surveys
  • Advanced Diving Capabilities: Mixed Gas Diving, High-altitude Diving, Nuclear Cooling Tank Inspections, Chemical Tank Inspections, Hyperbaric Diving and more…

In addition to the commercial diving services listed above, Cross Marine Projects offers custom solutions to projects associated with diving. Our marine services department also includes dredging, hdpe pipeline installations, harbor maintenance and other marine construction and recovery services.

Locating and recovering objects underwater doesn’t have to be like searching for the Lost City of Atlantis. Our commercial diving services are effective and affordable. We set the standard for commercial diving companies in Utah.

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