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Topic: 'Underwater Pipelines'

River Pipeline Removal

River Pipeline Removal Project

Commercial diver prepares to examine an underwater portion of pipe, while other Cross Marine Projects crew members operate the dive support systems and dive boat on a high volume river in Utah, November 9, 2011.

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Underwater Pipeline Removal Survey on Colorado River

An old underwater pipeline is to be removed from the Colorado River to prevent environmental degredation of the area. Jim Cross and his crew survey the pipeline preparatory to removing it. Much of the pipeline is currently buried under tons of silt which will require special techniques that Cross Marine Projects has used successfully under similar fast moving water conditions.

Colorado River Pipeline Removal Survey

Jim’s technique will cause the sediment to release the pipe without the use of heavey excavation equipment that would not be able to cope with strong currents and site conditions. Once released from the sediment, the entire section of pipeline will be removed from the river preventing potential environmental issues.


Lake Mary HDPE Pipeline Installation Project

In this unusual project, Cross Marine Projects was required to drain Lake Mary, which lies within an exclusive housing complex. HDPE pipes and drains were then installed into deteriorated piping and grouted in place. New concrete drain structures and gate valves were installed. Access was difficult and excavation was performed using light ground pressure equipment mounted on portable support mats.

HDPE pipe is being fused and advanced into the lake for eventual placement. Special pulling assemblies were used to guide the fused pipe into the lake and then down each of the sloping drains, which ran along side and near houses surrounding Lake Mary. Special seals and pressure grouting systems designed by Cross were used to fill the voids for the entire length of the pipe installation. lake mary hdpe pipe installation
lake mary hdpe drain pipeline installation One of the HDPE assemblies is being guided into the existing but deteriorated drain system. The HDPE pipe was inserted the full length of each drain and grout sealed in place.
Mat supported excavator installing new concrete drain structures, valves and associated systems around Lake Mary. lake mary drainage system installation

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