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Underwater Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue Boat

Search And Rescue Boat

Cross Marine’s custom search and rescue boat, The Charity Eden,  was designed to accommodate the  most challenging inland marine conditions. The shallow draft design cuts through rough water and can navigate through shallow water while providing a stable work platform that can support a commercial diving station and other marine salvage equipment. It is also equipped with advanced underwater imaging technology and can deploy ROVs. The Charity Eden very mobile and has been used in operations across the United States as well as off the coast of the Dominican Republic.

River Search and Rescue

River Search And Recovery

Cross Marine’s crews perform a river search and rescue operation amid rapids and other navigation obstacles. Cross located and recovered the wreckage of a downed helicopter that crashed into the river.

Recovering Airplane from Lake

Recovering Airplane From Lake

Commercial divers recovering an airplane from a lake. Crews located and salvaged the aircraft, allowing the FAA to investigate the cause of the crash.

Search and Rescue Training

Search and Rescue Training

Cross conducts an avalanche search and rescue training course. Cross offers a variety of underwater and land search and rescue training services utilizing advanced search and recovery technology and techniques. Cross has trained local and national law enforcement agencies and sheriff search and rescue teams from around the country.

Grounded Houseboat Recovery

Grounded Houseboat Recovery

A successful grounded houseboat recovery preserved the boat in salvageable condition with minimal damage after becoming stuck in a flooded canyon.

Helicopter Wreckage Recovered from Lake


Helicopter Wreckage Recovered From Lake

Military helicopter wreckage is recovered from lake by Cross Marine’s commercial diving recovery team.

Crashed Airplane Recovered from Great Salt Lake

Crashed Airplane Recovered From Great Salt Lake

A crashed airplane was located and recovered from the Great Salt Lake, Utah, using advanced diving and exploration technologies.

Commercial Divers Search and Rescue

Commercial Divers Search And Rescue

Commercial divers conduct underwater search and rescue and salvage operations in harsh Winter conditions.

Commercial Divers Recover Rulon Gardner Airplane

Commercial Divers Recover Rulon Gardner Airplane

Commercial divers located and recover Rulon Gardner airplane wreckage following crash in Lake Powell, Utah.

Colorado River Helicopter Crash Recovery

Colorado River Helicopter Crash Recovery

Navigating whitewater rapids of the Colorado River to locate and recover a helicopter that crashed in the river.

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