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Commercial Divers Salvaging Sunken Dredge from Lake

Salvaging Sunken Dredge From Lake

Commercial divers salvaging a sunken hydraulic dredge from a lake after a large storm.

Rulon Gardner Plane Crash


Rulon Gardner Plane Crash

Cross Marine crews transport the wreckage of the airplane in which wrestler, Rulon Gardner, was passenger. Commercial divers located and salvaged the aircraft in a challenging operation that involved disabling a charged parachute mechanism prior to raising the pane to the surface of the lake.

River Search and Rescue

River Search And Recovery

Cross Marine’s crews perform a river search and rescue operation amid rapids and other navigation obstacles. Cross located and recovered the wreckage of a downed helicopter that crashed into the river.

Divers Recover Airplane that Crashed in Lake

Commercial Divers Recover An Airplane That Crashed In Lake

Commercial divers recover a small private airplane that crashed into a lake. The wreckage was recovered carefully helping FAA and the airplane insurance company to determine the cause of the accident. The plane wreckage was transported on Cross Marine’s underwater salvage barge.

Flash Flood Cleanup

Lake Flash Flood Cleanup

Marine salvage team safely removes a stranded houseboat during a flash flood cleanup project in what was previously a navigable lake tributary canyon.

Recovering Airplane from Lake

Recovering Airplane From Lake

Commercial divers recovering an airplane from a lake. Crews located and salvaged the aircraft, allowing the FAA to investigate the cause of the crash.

Power Line Debris Cleanup Great Salt Lake Flood

Power Line Debris Cleanup Great Salt Lake

Crews remove power line debris and hazardous materials from the Great Salt Lake after an unusually heavy runoff flooded farmlands and other shoreline properties. Many power lines collapsed after the ground became too saturated with water to support the weight of the structures. Special marine salvage barges transported the debris as commercial diving crews located and recovered the debris.

Marine Salvage Diving Barge

Marine Salvage Diving Barge

A marine salvage diving barge allows commercial divers to recover several sunken houseboats at deeper depths in high altitude conditions as part of a marina arson fire investigation and cleanup. Cross Marine’s crews removed the boat wreckage, including the suspected source of the fire. Cross offers many marine salvage diving solutions and specializes in salvage project at remote locations and under hazardous diving conditions.

Search and Rescue Training

Search and Rescue Training

Cross conducts an avalanche search and rescue training course. Cross offers a variety of underwater and land search and rescue training services utilizing advanced search and recovery technology and techniques. Cross has trained local and national law enforcement agencies and sheriff search and rescue teams from around the country.

Loader Salvaged from Lake by Commercial Divers

Loader Salvaged From Lake By Commercial Divers

A loader that fell into a lake is recovered by marine salvage commercial divers. Cross marine offers a variety of commercial diving and marine salvage services.

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