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Marine Salvage

CROSS MARINE PROJECTS provides Salvage and Recovery services in both light and heavy categories. Using the latest technology and equipment, Cross has been instrumental in the recovery of numerous lost vessels, aircraft, equipment and other items.

Our Underwater Recovery Team located and recovered this twin engine King Air aircraft from a large body of water using special recovery equipment and systems designed by Jim Cross. We were able to recover virtually all of the wreckage for the Federal Aviation Administration.
King Air Airplane Salvaged From Lake By Commercial Divers
Flash Flood Houseboat Salvage
Faced with the difficult recovery of a large houseboat stranded when a flash flood filled the mooring site with mud, Cross was called upon to formulate a plan that would remove the vessel without damage and do little or no damage to the environment. The next four pictures show the ingenious system used.
Cross built a temporary dike around the stranded vessel using the canyon wall as one barrier. He then lined the basin with plastic sheeting.
Houseboat Salvage
Recovering Flooded Houseboat
After lining the newly created basin with plastic sheeting, Cross pumped water into the temporary enclosure with high volume water pumps until the vessels floated. The vessel was then pulled back to the transition of the lake shore, placed on inflatable rollers and prepared for entry back into Lake Powell.
With the vessel supported on large pneumatic rollers, Cross drained the containment area and removed the dam. He then rolled the vessel down a previously constructed ramp and into the Lake. All construction materials were removed and the canyon floor returned to its former condition.
Low Impact Canyon Flood Boat Salvage
Aluminum Boat Salvaged from Great Salt Lake
Aluminum workboat located and recovered from the waters of the Great Salt Lake by Cross Marine Projects Co. Water temperatures were 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Special systems designed by Cross were used to bring this vessel up with a minimum of exposure to the divers and without further damage.
Recovered vessel in the middle of the picture is being prepared for a 35-mile tow back to the harbor.
Towing Salvaged Boat
Inland Marine Salvage
Jim Cross overseeing the recovery of vessels washed inland during Hurricane Hugo. This vessel came to rest about three miles from the Cooper River. Using a special recovery program, Cross placed pneumatic rollers under the vessel and simply rolled it out of the swamp with no damage to the vessel or the environmentally sensitive area.
One of many vessels stranded by Hurricane Hugo being removed from a Saw Grass Swamp on low ground pressure pneumatic rollers by Cross. Marine Projects Consulting can provide this service and others to the Insurance industry in times of Natural disasters.
Rescuing Stranded Boats After Hurricane
Cooper River Hurricane Boat Salvage
After a three-mile trip on special rollers, Cross launched the fishing vessel into the Cooper River where it could be moved downstream for cleaning. Cross has recovered vessels from Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma as well.
Twin engine aircraft recovered by Cross from a crash site 18 miles offshore. Special equipment and techniques were used to locate and recover this aircraft for the Federal Aviation Administration.
Offshore Marine Salvage of Sunken Airplane
Removing Stranded Vessel from Jetty
Cross removing stranded vessel from jetty after a storm. By using special pneumatic rollers, Cross was able to remove and re-float the vessel with no additional damage.
Another stranded houseboat removed by dredging a channel to the vessel from the lake and removing the craft on pneumatic rollers. In using this technique, Cross does no additional damage to the vessels being recovered.
Low Impact Houseboat Lake Recovery
Dredging Channel For Boat Salvage

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