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Amphibiious Vehicle Core Drilling

marine surveys

marine SEismic Surveys

Cross Marine Projects has many commercial vessels to help aid in various program needs. We are constantly utilized by federal agencies, state agencies, universities, and scientific communities for their underwater survey needs. Our vessels and personnel have worked with SCRIPPs Institute on the Salton Sea for seismic surveys as well as John Hopkins University on the Great Salt Lake for submarine communication testing. We have placed floating stations to study ball lightning on the Great Salt Lake and towed bottom profiling cables for over 800 miles worth of GPS tracks on Utah Lake. If you have a survey need, we can make your study as effective as possible.

marine core sampling 

Core Sampling on inland bodies of water can create a challenge especially in shallow water or inconsistent bottom compositions. Cross Marine Projects has completed sampling for numerous mining and scientific groups across the country. These include mineral sampling, heavy metal testing, bottom composition, and dredging preparations. We have specialized amphibious vehicles and vessels with heavy lift capabilities that can be utilized in shallow or wetlands areas to complete any task.

marine invasive species surveys

Invasive species are an issue that can affect everything from ecological disasters to damaging expensive infrastructure. Cross Marine Projects is utilized regularly to mitigate marine invasive species. Utilizing divers, ROVs, amphibious vehicles and other methods, we have been contracted for the survey and removal of many destructive organisms. This includes phragmites mitigation on lake shores, quagga mussel surveys, and invasive carp removal from power plant cooling ponds. Cross Marine has developed new techniques that have become the standard in invasive species removal. 

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