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Underwater Construction with Barges

Marine Construction

dam maintenance and Inspection

With the aging US dam infrastructure, it is more important than ever to have experienced personnel completing your inspections and repairs. Cross Marine Projects has worked on dams across the country. From the great Hoover dam to small personal reservoirs, we have repaired and inspected concrete, penstocks, control gates, sluice gates, intake structures, screens, and hydraulic mechanisms. We follow the safest practices of lock out tag out on all equipment and verify that there is no pressure differentials before ever starting the project. 

underwater pipeline Installation 

Cross Marine Projects has installed dozens of miles of underwater pipelines. From metal to HDPE pipe, we have installed submarine pipelines for the US NAVY, steel mills, water treatment plants, city pubic works, numerous dams, and dredging projects. 

marine dredging

Many times Cross Marine Projects has been called to complete dredging projects that have fallen behind schedule or are not making progress. We have removed cubic miles worth of material through out our history and can make sure your project stays on schedule from the beginning. Whether utilizing clam shells, cutter head dredges, excavator barges, or delicate hand dredging with commercial divers, we have the experience you are looking for. 

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