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ROV Underwater Inspections

rov operations

rov InSpections

With the rapid progress in robotics, ROVs are becoming a better option for underwater inspections. They are a optimal in deep or dangerous water environments where utilizing a diver is either not safe or practical due to the costs involved. Cross Marine Projects has several ROVs that can complete inspections up to 300 meters deep and are rapidly deployable for emergency situations. Many companies utilize cheaper units but here at Cross Marine, we utilize Seamor  ROVs which are much more durable and capable than many units currently on the market. Our pilots have hundreds of hours of experience and can get the results you need. These ROVs can also be utilized for light recovery, non destructive testing, sample collection, and video observations.

search & Recovery

ROVs are especially effective in search and recovery operations. Utilizing specialty imaging sonars, they can locate and recover small objects or victims rapidly. Cross Marine Projects is utilized on many search and recovery operations from private companies with lost equipment to emergency services and victim recovery. 

rov Surveys

An ROV survey can help salvage crews determine the condition, structural integrity, and lift points available on a sunken vessel or aircraft. On construction projects, a company can determine location of placed structures or condition of structures to be removed. This allows for a faster, better planned, and more cost effective operation. 

ROV Recent news

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