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Commercial Diving Lake Powell

commercial diving

dive Inspections

CROSS MARINE PROJECTS can perform underwater inspections on potable water tanks, control gates, pipelines, structures, generating plants, and bridge supports. Using none destructive testing equipment together with underwater video systems, a permanent record can be made to be used for repair planning purposes. 

underwater Construction

CROSS MARINE PROJECTS has decades of commercial diving experience with the installation of control gates, intake screens, sluice gate repair, hydraulics, underwater concrete work, demolition, burning, pipeline repair, and underwater welding. 

hazmat diving

Hazmat diving can be one of the most challenging operations a commercial diver can be placed in. Without the proper training, experience, and equipment, personnel can be placed at great risk. Cross Marine Projects has completed dozens of technical hazmat projects including diving in sulfuric acid ponds, sewage, liquid dairy product, algae blooms, waste water, oil spills, mines, and victim recoveries. We use only the most qualified personnel and fully sealed class A rated suits for these operations. If you don't think a diver can dive in it, we probably have.

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