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Commercial Diving Barge with Hyperbaric Chamber

Underwater Salvage

sunken Vessel recovery

Every year adverse weather conditions and mechanical failures lead to capsized and sunken boats in Utah’s many recreational lakes and reservoirs. Strong winds, underwater currents, water depth and other conditions make locating and recovering submerged boats difficult.

Relying upon more than 40 years’ experience on Utah’s waterways, specialized search strategies and utilizing the latest in underwater sonar imaging and rov’s, Cross Marine Projects can locate and recover sunken boats in even the most remote and challenging marine conditions. Our techniques are boat friendly so that in most instances it is possible to salvage and repair the recovered vessel.

Our underwater camera systems can capture wreckage site evidence for future insurance investigations and to prepare for the least environmentally invasive recovery possible. Cross Marine Projects is Utah’s number one sunken boat recovery company.

Aircraft Recovery

Aviation accidents can be one of the most technical salvage operations to accomplish. Evidence recovery is crucial and must be at the forefront of every recovery. Due to the extensive structural damage that occurs during these events, it is imperative to hire a company with the knowledge and experience necessary to recover evidence as intact as possible for investigators and insurance companies. Cross Marine has recovered dozens of aircraft including F-16 fighter jets, helicopters, commercial aircraft, and private vehicles. We have worked in the most challenging conditions imaginable salvaging in subzero temperatures at elevation in the Great Salt Lake and bodies of water across the country. Even working around razor sharp twisted aluminum, we get the job done safely and correctly for all entities involved.

Salvage anything underwater!

There are some things that end up in the marine environment that might have you asking yourself, who could ever recover this? Cross Marine Projects has extensive knowledge in technical recoveries and difficult conditions. Whether it be passenger vehicles, commercial trucks, cranes, excavators, dredges, collapsed bridges, anchors, or even the hazmat recovery of 500 turkeys that ended up at the bottom of a lake, we are here to help remedy the situation. 

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