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Underwater Salvage Excavator

Historical Projects


F-16 Recovery Great Salt Lake

In December of 1983 Cross was called by the United States Airforce to recover a downed F-16 fighter jet that crashed in the Great Salt Lake. Cross was able to recover the pilot and 92% of the aircraft which was scattered over 3 miles. This was all done in subzero arctic temperatures.


Box Canyon Dam Intake Replacement

In 1988 Cross installed intake structures on the Box Canyon Dam. Each structure weighed 90 tons and had to be lifted over the dam. This involved deep decompression diving utilizing a hyperbaric chamber on site.


San Nicolas Island Pipeline Installation

During the winter of 1989 the US NAVY hired Cross Marine to install a new submarine fuel line to San Nicolas Island. The previous lines were from the second world war and had ruptured. Cross was able to replace the pipelines and install 40 ton anchors around the site.


Buffalo Bill Cody Dam Recovery

After an accident on the Buffalo Bill Cody Dam, Cross was hired to recover a large bull dozer that had been sunk after sliding off of the dam. Divers descended to nearly 300 feet during the winter to lift the unit off of the bottom.

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