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Lake Sevier Drilling Project

Lake Sevier Marine Drilling

Cross Marine Projects provides marine drilling vessels and services in remote and challenging marine locations. The Lake Sevier Drilling project required drilling of hundreds of holes in shallow water and mud. Our amphibious drilling platform and marsh master transport vessels provide access to locations inaccessible to traditional barges and boats. Read more »

Cross Marine Amphibious Work Platform

Wilco Amphibious Buggies
Crews mobilizing a customized Wilco Amphibious Buggy that will be used for underwater surveying and drilling in remote and rugged aquatic terrain. The amphibious vessel is capable of supporting a complete dive station, drilling equipment and other heavy pieces of equipment in shallow water, muddy marshes and semi-aquatic environments un-navigatable by marine vessels or land vehicles.

Cross Marine Projects Dam Retrofit

Cross Marine Grace Dam

The containment dam near Grace, Idaho where Cross Marine Projects was tasked with boring a large diameter hole through the dam while it was filled with water.
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River Pipeline Removal

River Pipeline Removal Project

Commercial diver prepares to examine an underwater portion of pipe, while other Cross Marine Projects crew members operate the dive support systems and dive boat on a high volume river in Utah, November 9, 2011.

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Underwater Pipeline Removal Survey on Colorado River

An old underwater pipeline is to be removed from the Colorado River to prevent environmental degredation of the area. Jim Cross and his crew survey the pipeline preparatory to removing it. Much of the pipeline is currently buried under tons of silt which will require special techniques that Cross Marine Projects has used successfully under similar fast moving water conditions.

Colorado River Pipeline Removal Survey

Jim’s technique will cause the sediment to release the pipe without the use of heavey excavation equipment that would not be able to cope with strong currents and site conditions. Once released from the sediment, the entire section of pipeline will be removed from the river preventing potential environmental issues.


Cross Marine Prepares for Utah Lake Flooding

Utah Lake flooding ABC 4 News with Cross Marine Video


Cross Marine Projects and ABC 4’s Brent Hunsaker discuss flooding on Utah Lake. To view the video report or to read the full transcript, visit ABC 4 News’ website: Are we in a flooding replay of 1983

News Report Excerpt:

“Compromise is the point at which lake water starts going places where it’s not supposed to go. At four feet over compromise, lake water will flood the pump house at the mouth of the Jordan River – Utah Lake’s only relief value. Losing those pumps could choke down the outflow from the lake.

Jim Cross has seen it before. It was 1983 and his fledgling company was in the middle of the damage control effort.

They dredged around the Jordan River pumps; used barges to get to water-logged homes; pulled steel gas lines across the Great Salt Lake to the location of a new pumping station in the West Desert. That pumping station was built too late to help with the flood of ’83, but may still play a roll in flooding in 2011.”

Lake Bottom Marine Survey

Cross Marine working with Scripps Institute of Oceanography are prepping seismic OBS Receivers for underwater deployment at remote lake bottom locations. The OBS Receivers are transported on custom survey barges and specialized marine work boats.

salton sea marine survey pods

salton sea barge

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Tibble Fork Reservoir Marine Survey

Cross Marine Projects performing lake bottom silt deposition surveys at Tibble Fork Reservoir, Utah, with one of Cross Marine’s custom pneumatic shallow draft survey boats to determing the silt buildup since construction of the Tibble Fork Dam.

Tibble Fork Reservoir Marine Survey

ROV Underwater Shipwreck Inspection

Cross Marine Projects inspecting a sunken shipwreck at Departure Bay in Nanaimo B.C. using a Seamor ROV.

Halls Crossing Houseboat Fires Marine Salvage

Following the massive marina fire at Halls Cross on Lake Powell, Cross Marine located and removed the environmentally harmful sunken boat wreckage. Specialized marine salvage equipment, sonar, commercial diving stations and sectional barge systems were used to recover the houseboats and cruisers.

The project also required an on-site recompression chamber, underwater burning gquipment and underwater video camera systems. All boats were located and salvaged from the frigid waters.

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