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Underwater Burning by Commercial Diver in River

Underwater Burning By Commercial Diver In River

Underwater burning was performed by a commercial diver in a river to remove large wreckage as well as a large amount of cable that was part of a cable system disaster. The system was destroyed during a heavy windstorm that caused the structures to collapse. Commercial divers had to carefully separate and remove the entangled debris from a fast moving river.

Underwater Airplane Salvage

Underwater Airplane Salvage

Cross Marine crews complete a successful underwater airplane salvage operation in on of Utah’s heavily used lakes. The airplane wreckage posed a risk to recreational boaters prior to removal. Commercial divers located and removed the wreckage.

Transporting Large Lake Ferry Vessel

Transporting Large Lake Ferry Vessel

Crews remove and transport a large lake ferry vessel for inspections and hull repairs.

Sunken Ski Boat Recovery

Sunken Ski Boat Recovered

This ski boat was recovered by our commercial diving crew after it sank in a lake during a storm. The boat was recovered in excellent condition to the great satisfaction of the boat owners who plan to have the boat repaired for future use.

Sunken Hydraulic Dredge Barge Recovery

Sunken Hydraulic Dredge Recovery

A capsized hydraulic dredge is rescued from a lake. The sunken barge recovery required a custom marine salvage barge equipped with a commercial diving station and two cranes.

Sunken Sailboat Raised from Marina

Sunken Sail Boat Raised From Marina

Commercial divers raise a sailboat that sank in its icy slip at a lake marina during winter. Crews safely recovered the boat without damaging the hull despite the large amount of rip-rap, debris and cables nearby. Cross Marine is equipped to perform underwater search and recovery projects in challenging marine conditions.

Sunken Boat Recovery – Advanced Sonar

Sunken Boat Sonar Search and Rescue

A sunken boat is pictured laying on the bottom of a lake as part of an underwater search and recovery operation. Advanced sonar technology and understanding of the lakes currents allowed Cross Marine to quickly locate the vessel which was later recovered by our commercial diving team.

Sunken Boat Salvaged

Sunken Boat Salvaged

A sunken boat salvaged from a lake following a marina fire is relocated to a local site as part of a harbor arson investigation. Cross Marine recovered several sunken boats related to this fire incident.

Sunken Airplane Salvage

Sunken Airplane Salvage Recovery

Sunken airplane recovered from a lake by commercial divers. This plane was largely intact but was salvaged with little damage to the structure of the plane.

Search and Rescue Boat

Search And Rescue Boat

Cross Marine’s custom search and rescue boat, The Charity Eden,  was designed to accommodate the  most challenging inland marine conditions. The shallow draft design cuts through rough water and can navigate through shallow water while providing a stable work platform that can support a commercial diving station and other marine salvage equipment. It is also equipped with advanced underwater imaging technology and can deploy ROVs. The Charity Eden very mobile and has been used in operations across the United States as well as off the coast of the Dominican Republic.

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