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Underwater Construction & Dam Repairs

CROSS MARINE PROJECTS performs all phases of underwater construction. With over 30 years experience in the Marine Construction Industry, we have the skills and knowledge necessary to complete complex projects around the world.

Too high of water can damage a dam's structures. Our specialists can inspect your dam's spillway tunnels and radial gates for damage and perform underwater repairs such as installing heavy concrete forms and other structures (Hoover Dam).

hoover dam radial gate repair
pump station repair great salt lake

The heavy salt brine concentrations of the Great Salt Lake are too extreme for traditional pump station repairs. Using our own custom dive tables and proprietary procedures, we can perform installation and repairs under these conditions efficiently.

Using the latest technology and advanced training, our divers are able to repair control gates, install deep underwater structures, restore dams, secure bridges, and fix underwater transfers far below the surface of the water.

dam control gate repair
underwater construction safety
Our on-site supervisors closely monitor every step of the underwater construction process in order to ensure a safe and efficient working environment.
Our customizable construction barges facilitate installations and repairs in remote locations and in structures such as the one pictured, a flooded spillway tunnel at Hoover Dam.
underwater construction barge
repair radial dam gate seal
When traditional dam repair procedures are inadequate, our specialists develop new techniques. Here a special sealing process designed by Cross was used to repair the radial gates at Arizona's Glenn Canyon Dam.
Our Underwater Construction Team is able remove submerged micro tunneling machines, fabricate components and install large underwater intake structures such as the one pictured at McClellan Lake using systems designed by Cross.
underwater dam intake structure installation
underwater dam control gate repair

When necessary, our construction crews and commercial divers are trained to inspect and repair dam control gates under varying water flow conditions and according to specific dam operation schedules.

Our large commercial barges are capable of supporting and transporting heavy machinery, fabricated components, pipes, intake structures, pumps, excavation equipment, cranes and construction materials.

commercial underwater construction barge
underwater construction boats
For less intensive underwater repairs, we have a fleet of smaller marine vessels from which we can perform deepwater dive inspections, dam gate inspections, and discharge repairs. This greatly reduces project costs and completion times.
When access to a construction site is limited, we can design and construct portable docking systems, heavy pneumatic lift platforms, and other structures from which you can operate safely.
underwater construction docks
underwater construction diver

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