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Underwater Search and Recovery

CROSS MARINE PROJECTS has designed special equipment and techniques, which have allowed him to locate and recover numerous aircraft, vessels, equipment and other items. He has been used by the following agencies:

  The US Navy
  The US Army
  The US Airforce
  The Federal Bureau of Investigation
  The Federal Aviation Administration
  The Bureau of Reclamation
  The US Army Corps of Engineers
  The Museum of Natural History
  The Smithsonian Institute
  Local and National Insurance Companies
  State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies
Cross and workers studying sonar and other instruments during a search and recovery project involving a lost aircraft.
Locating Lost Airplane
Search and Recovery Vessel
Cross uses vessels like this one to conduct search and recovery projects. Vessels operated by Marine Projects Consulting Company are equipped with the latest in acoustic sonar, navigational and mapping systems.
Recovery system used by Jim Cross to locate and recover a King Air aircraft, which had crashed into the Great Salt Lake. Cross recovered 98 percent of the aircraft, allowing the authorities to determine the cause of the accident.
Underwater Recovery System
Recovering Wreckage from Great Salt Lake
Wreckage recovered from the Great Salt Lake using sonar and other techniques developed by Cross. Marine Projects Consulting has designed search and recovery programs to fit virtually every situation.
Jim Cross and another diver pose after the deepwater recovery of the pictured vessel. Once raised the vessel was beached and then re-floated.
Deepwater Recovery
Recovering Sunken Boat for Arson Investigation
Cross recovered this burned out wreck using special pneumatic floatation equipment. During the recovery process, Cross documented evidence that was used to convict the previous owners of insurance fraud for deliberately setting the vessel on fire.
This photo shows the wreckage of one of three F-16 Fighter aircraft which were lost in large bodies of water. Using special sonar equipment, navigational and plotting equipment, Cross was able to located and recover these military aircraft allowing the government to correct a design flaw that had caused the loss of 19 similar craft.
Salvaging Crashed F-16 Fighter Jet from Lake
Divers Recover Bell Helicopter After Lake Crash
Cross recovered this Bell helicopter from a water crash site after he located it using specially adapted acoustic electronics.
The wreckage of a U.S. Military H-60 helicopter lies on the deck of a recovery barge after being located and recovered by Jim Cross. Using the latest in technology, Cross Marine Projects can help you with your recovery needs.
Salvage Divers Locate Sunken Military H-60 Helicopter Wreckage
Divers Rescue Twin Engine Airplane From Lake
This twin-engine aircraft located and recovered by Cross rests intact on the recovery barge deck. Cross Marine uses techniques and equipment that eliminates further damage to the object being recovered.
This Cirrus aircraft was located and recovered by Cross Marine from the waters of Lake Powell, Utah. We operate under a CUP permit on the Lake Powell Recreational Area for the National Park Service
Divers Locate and Recover Cirrus Aircraft from Lake Powell, Utah

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