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Underwater Inspection

CROSS MARINE PROJECTS can perform underwater inspections on control gates, pipelines, structures, generating plants and bridge supports. Using none destructive testing equipment together with underwater video systems, a permanent record can be made to be used for repair planning purposes.

Suited commercial diver conducting an underwater inspection for an oil company production plant.
Special Cross designed equipment and procedures allow divers to work in almost any environment to include sulfuric acid.
Underwater Inspection Diver
Underwater Hull Inspections
Cross conducted the underwater hull inspections on these two Ferryboats for the State Department of Transportation.
Marine Projects Consulting uses highly trained technicians to operate and monitor electronic equipment during underwater inspections by divers. Cross also uses the latest in remotely controlled camera vehicles to gather vital information relating to the areas to be inspected.
Underwater Inspections by Divers
Underwater Seismic Surveys and Inspections
Marine Projects can perform seismic and underwater mapping for the marine industry.
Jim Cross giving instructions to a working diver while inspecting an underwater structure.
Commercial Diver Inspects Underwater Structure
Water Tank Inspection by Commercial Divers
Cross divers inspecting twelve million gallon storage tank.
Marine Projects uses decontamination procedures prior to entering water storage tanks.
Decontamination Before Water Tank Inspection
Commercial Divers Inspect Pump Turbine
Divers repairing pump turbine blades on the massive West Desert Pumping Station.
Cross dive crew performing an underwater pump station inspection and retrofit.
Underwater Pump Station Inspection
Divers Inspect Control Gates, Discharge Tunnels, Spillways

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