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Underwater Pipeline Installations

CROSS MARINE PROJECTS has considerable experience in underwater pipeline and cable installations in harsh marine environments. Our services include pre-installation surveys, sub-bottom profiling, testing, environmental impact studies, subsea cable installations and HDPE pipe installations. We also perform underwater inspections and repairs on existing pipelines and cables. We design, engineer and complete projects in lakes, rivers, settling ponds, holding reservoirs, and oceans.
Cross Marine Projects can provide you with the detailed pre-project data that you need. Our highly trained personnel can perform lake-bottom profiling, soil sampling and other surveys such as this seismic survey performed for Columbia University and Lamont Dougherty Earth Observatory at Lake Mead, Nevada.
underwater pipeline seismic survey
large diameter HDPE pipe fusion
In addition to using the latest HDPE pipeline fusion and installation equipment, our specially designed underwater anchoring systems insure permanent and trouble free placement.
Our self-propelled commercial spud barges are capable of transporting and laying large diameter HDPE pipes across lakes, harbors and other large bodies of water.
underwater pipeline spud barge
underwater fuel line installation and inspection
Prior to pipeline installation, our quality control experts inspect connections and fusion joints to ensure that the pipelines and cables meet industry safety standards as well as our own quality guidelines.
Our team of pipe welders and installers follow special in-house procedures designed to protect environmentally sensitive construction sites such as San Nicolas Island in the Pacific Ocean, where our crews installed fuel pipelines and a tanker mooring station for the Navy.
navy mooring station installation
pipe laying barge
Our custom barges provide us with a stable work platform from which we can fuse and pressure test HDPE pipe prior to installation in even the most demanding marine working conditions. Our barges are equipped with powerful propulsion and anchoring systems.
Depending on the marine floor composition, we can perform underwater jetting, trenching, dredging, boring, and blasting preparatory to underwater pipeline, cable and intake structure installations.
underwater pipeline intake installation
underwater lake tape and boring
We can perform small and large lake taps, micro tunneling, and boring projects as well as recover equipment such as this boring machine from a lake tap at McClellan Lake in Colorado.
Using custom anchoring mechanisms, we are able to install large HDPE pipelines and siphon structures in heavy salt brine conditions where conventional methods would fail.
underwater pipeline anchoring system
underwater pipeline siphon installation

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