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Underwater Construction Utah

If you are in need of commercial diving, underwater inspection, vessel salvage, or marine construction services in Utah, Cross Marine Projects is at your service. With over 40 years of underwater experience, we can complete or assist with any marine project.

Marine Services


Whether its hazmat, potable water tanks, inspections, dam repairs, or underwater salvage, let our team of experienced commercial divers help you achieve your project goals. 

Our ROV pilots have hundreds of hours completing underwater inspections and searches in some of the most challenging conditions imaginable . 

Cross Marine Projects has completed hundreds of underwater construction projects including dam repairs, intake screen replacement, concrete pours, underwater pipelines, dredging, demolition, and marine surveys.

Call For a Quote

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Call today and talk with our marine specialists about your project needs.  whether it be consulting, preplanning, turn key solutions, subcontracting, or full project completion, we are your partner in underwater construction. 

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