Cross Commercial Diving
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International Operations

CROSS MARINE PROJECTS operated by Jim Cross can provide worldwide Marine engineering and construction services.

Cross conducting research expedition into the remote areas of the Amazon Jungle.
Survey in Amazon Basin, Brazil
Botanical Research, Aripuana River, Brazil
Scientist collecting Botanical and other specimens from the Aripuana River in the Amazon Basin. Cross has organized and led these expeditions for the last 8 years.
Jim Cross Checking out company plane before flying into a remote Amazon Airstrip.
Cross Airplane, Brazil
Oil Well Blowout Containment, Kuwait
Jim Cross in Kuwait During Desert Storm using technology he perfected in the control of oil well blowouts.
This midday photograph was taken from the window of a 737 just before touchdown at Kuwait airport. Lakes of oil cover the ground and oil wells are burning in the background.
International Oil Well Leak Containment

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